#29 Westworld

Westworld (1973)

Dir: Michael Crichton

A theme-park where the attractions attack the guests… Where have I seen that before?…

Michael Crichton, who directed this sci-fi action film, later went on to write Jurassic Park nearly 20 years later. Though how I simplified it above may sound very similar, they do differ a lot.

Westworld is based in a theme park where guests can live out their fantasies in one of 3 areas, Roman world, Medieval world and Westworld, where they live in a wild-west town complete with sheriff, saloons, women of ill-repute, and a ‘gunslinger’. The clever bit is though that these people are very realistic robots, who you are free to shoot if so wish, and they are programmed not to hurt guests nor can they shoot at anything living. Problems occur however when this gunslinger robot goes off-programming and takes a serious disliking to the guests.

It’s a clever story, and nicely set up with a great opening infomercial, and a few moments where all the relevant questions are asked and answered. Really then in many ways a precursor to ‘Jurassic Park’ but without the grand spectacle of dinosaurs, though it’s quite good fun along the way.



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