#151 Zoom

Zoom (2006)

Dir: Peter Hewitt

I wasn’t going to review this, it was too terrible, but while looking to see how big of a flop it was, I discovered something interesting…

Once part of a superpowered team of teenagers, washed up ex-superhero Captain Zoom (Tim Allen) is forced back into that world by the military (Rip Torn and Chevy Chase), deemed the best person to help a new set of youngsters (including Kate Mara) develop their abilities, and protect the earth from Zoom’s long-lost brother Concussion (Kevin Zegers).

Briefly to give my views on the film itself, it is pretty pants. The effects aren’t very good, the acting is sub-par despite having a few usually good actors, and the script offers nothing enthralling, different, new, or even very funny.

Rather than review the film itself much, the most interesting point about it is that, apparently, the film was delayed by Marvel and Fox suing Sony, as it was due to be released a couple of weeks before ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’. It was considered to be too similar to the X-Men film, and would confuse audiences!

How could people struggle to distinguish between this and ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’?

Even the worst of the X-Men is still better than this, and though ‘The Last Stand’ really wasn’t all that great, and I’ve forgotten the most part of it after seeing it just the once on release at the cinema, I can still remember more of it and more fondly than this that I saw just over a week ago!

It also appears that there was lots cut out of ‘Zoom’, possibly to put the focus on the young new kids and help distinguish it from the teenaged and older X-Men team. The original team that Captain Zoom was a member of apparently featured Alexis Bledel, Devon Aoki and Wilmer Valderrama, but I saw none of that at all in the televised version which I’m under the impression was the final cut. I have no idea why exactly. It possibly would have been much better if that had been done properly and included, rather than just the comic-book styled opening back story exposition that I saw.

The same sort of story of training up young superheroes storyline was done in ‘Sky High’ a year earlier, and that film was far better, nicely developed and actually enjoyable family superhero fun, actually worth the time to watch it.

Or maybe watch ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ again? Apparently it’s similar, and it’s definitely better!

zoom poster


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