#161 Horrid Henry: The Movie

Horrid Henry: The Movie (2011)

Dir: Nick Moore

It’s quite good when a film describes itself and ‘horrid’ isn’t far off in this case!

Based on the children’s books series by Francesca Simon, featuring mischievous schoolboy Henry. The film puts the main characters into an unlikely battle to save their school rather than go somewhere that doesn’t let  them get away with as much misbehavior.

The author stated in 2011 that she wasn’t involved in the production, and hadn’t seen it. I hope she still hasn’t, she would weep! There’s already an animated series that’s far better than this pile of trash!

Despite featuring some big name actors and actresses such as Richard E. Grant and Anjelica Huston, the whole film is pathetic. I also can’t understand why these actors and actresses would sign up for this, unless they wanted something suitable for their kids / grandchildren to see. The acting is terrible, especially the children whose level of acting would be poor for TV but here its completely sub-par for something that had a cinema release.

There are a number of British comedians and comic actors with small roles in this, but they obviously had no real input in their roles or dialogue as its completely unfunny, I don’t think I laughed once, or chuckled, or even smiled.

Director Nick Moore is now making a film featuring Pudsey, the dog who (with his owner) won Britain’s Got Talent in 2012. The adorable and clever dog will be voiced by BGT judge David Walliams… Honestly, I can’t quite see how this lends itself to much of a quality film, and if ‘Horrid Henry’ is anything to go by, then the direction will be poor and the film will be terrible!



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