How I Met Your Mother – The Finale *SPOILERS*

I don’t often review TV shows, but I’m as qualified to do so as I am with films, and after investing 9 years in HIMYM, I think it’s called for.

I’ve seen so many people grumbling online, but really this finale isn’t in the same league of disappointing pay-offs to long-running TV shows as things like ‘Lost’.

For me, the finale was very true to life in a lot of ways.

It’s been a tricky season for me to watch this year, when it started I too was in a relationship with my close friend as Robin and Barney are, and mine was also destined for marriage, but as the show took a few weeks off over the holiday break, my relationship completely ended, and so the second half of the season its prolonged development of Barney and Robins wedding weekend became increasing difficult to watch. I watched the penultimate few episodes in the early hours of April 1st, hours before the finale was shown in the U.S. and just a few days before what was actually meant to be my own wedding day. I decided to watch them in a row and get all the wedding stuff over with, and then I saw the final double episode on April 1st just a few hours after it had aired in America.


People seem annoyed that there was a divorce, but hey people, 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce, statistically it was going to happen to one of the 3 main couples! Also death happens too, the sudden losses of many of my friends in the past few years has really made that all too clear to me, so one of the characters dying was also a statistical probability.

Then, as for the almost inevitable coupling, if you didn’t see it coming from episode 101 then you’re really not much of a fan of the show and haven’t watched closely enough. For the writers to conclude with the lead character (whether you love of loathe him) and a character who though teased for years only has appeared in 25 of the 208 episodes and thus had hardly any character development in comparison, being on screen for less time than recurring driver Ranjit, was not really likely!

What is likely is that often when people suffer the loss of a mate in death or through divorce, they often turn to an old friend or past love, rekindle things or develop previously undeveloped feelings, and very often get married, sometimes seemingly quickly. If you haven’t personally seen this from friends of your own you could take Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis as a recent celebrity example.

It’s clearly what the writers had in mind all along, they had been working to that conclusion from the very beginning, and I can only imagine that an alternative ending wouldv’e provoked an equally fervent response from viewers hoping for a different outcome. People, really, take it from me, life doesn’t always have the outcome you hope for, so let the shows writers enjoy the one they wanted!

So no, it may not be 100% satisfactory, but really, after 208 episodes with multiple links and strands over 9 years, could you have honestly written any better?



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