About Time

About Time (2013)

Dir: Richard Curtis

What is it with Rachel McAdams playing women in love with time-travellers?

When a young man is informed that he has an hereditary ability to time-travel, he makes use of it in the best way he can see fit, to win over the woman of his dreams.

This is the 3rd film in which Rachel McAdams has played the other half of a time-traveller, the first and most obvious being ‘The Time Travellers Wife, and the other less-obviously is ‘Midnight in Paris’. Sadly this isn’t the best of the three, but it’s still rather good.

The thing that helps this film to work is the way in which the time travelling aspect is nicely used not as a sci-fi element, but more to add to the comedic effect of some scenes and add emotional depth and at time jeopardy to certain scenes.

Though McAdams is lovely, the lead character of Tim is the real heart of this film and played excellently by Domnhall Gleason. I’ve seen him in a couple of other smaller roles, but he clearly has the skills to support a whole film as he does here, which may be something that helped get his a lead role in the upcoming Star Wars film.

I’m now looking forward to seeing more from Gleason, with other roles coming soon in the strange-looking ‘Frank’ and of course Star Wars 7. I also look forward to seeing more from Miss McAdams in a role that sees her with someone firmly rooted in linear time!



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