Oscars Challenge 2015

It’s that time of the year again when AMPAS tell us what apparently were the best films of the past year and I as a cinephile start worrying that I’ve not seen enough of them!

So… Just as last year I will aim to review as many of them as I possibly can before the winners are announced. A few I have already seen and so will write up reviews for, many I haven’t yet seen, a few I’m not interested in seeing, and there are a few that I won’t get to see in time due to them not being available in my area or out on home release yet.

However, you can expect to see approximately one review each day up until the Academy Awards night on February 22nd, this year hosted by Neil Patrick Harris! With so many different genres in the mix and some really excellent films in all categories, especially as there are some close-run races this year rather than one or two films that are guaranteed to clean up on the night, so it’s at least a little exciting and open for fun speculation.

The full list of nominees is HERE and I’ll keep updating the page with links to all my reviews as I write them. The race is now on for me to get fully clued up and pass on my observations to you before the ceremony!

Hopefully this year will be Legen… wait for it, and you’d better not be lactose intolerant because the second part is… DARY!



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