50 Shards

A man in a Glasgow cinema this weekend was glassed (an attack using a glass or bottle as a weapon) when he asked a group of rowdy women to be quiet in a screening of ’50 Shades of Grey’. Presumably the women were noisily commenting on all the ‘neeps and tatties’ in the film! The woman was ironically put in handcuffs and taken away by the police!

I’ve been in many a screening where people have spoilt my enjoyment of the movie by making too much noise, and to be honest, I rarely do anything about it, but I’ve never feared violence. Once, a few young women in the row behind myself and friends were talking through a film, so one of my friends who herself was a young woman of their age turned around and in her strongest Scouse accent asked them to please be quiet… they did… you don’t mess with a Scouser!

It’s sad when people are in fear of a vicious attack for trying to enjoy a film they’ve paid a lot of money to see, but should you ask noisy fellow cinema goers to be shush or just suffer through it?


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