The Upcoming TV Season and what I’ve got my eye on

It’s that time of year again when people like me who love TV are reunited with old friends and have the chance to hopefully also make some new ones. Sometimes when meeting with people you haven’t seen in a while, you’re reminded of all the things you like about them and can see exactly why you got along, or sadly on the other hand they may have changed and you’re left wondering how you were even friends in the first place.

As the U.S. TV season gets going again this week, it brings the usual mix of returning shows and new potential favourites. This year there are a few I’m looking forward to having back in my life, some that I’m hoping will be good, and a couple that are just holding on to my list of shows by their fingertips.


Arrow – in this 4th season I’m actually looking forward to seeing how Oliver fully adopts the ‘Green Arrow’ identity, also the producers said a lighter tone would return which will be nice as the 3rd season was a bit too morose for my liking especially when set aside ‘The Flash’.

The Flash – this second season is going to bring in all sorts of elements from the comics including another ‘Flash’, and I expect they may cut down on ‘Arrow’ crossovers as the show can now confidently stand on its own feet. I expect it will be great to see Barry really get past just learning his abilities and start to focus on using them. I’ll miss the Harrison Wells story arc from the first season though, it was very well handled and added a great element of unfolding mystery, hopefully that will be replaced by another good arc in this season that maintains levels of intrigue.

Gotham – I didn’t watch the first season until it was ending and I caught up in a few days of binge watching, this year I fully intend on watching weekly, hopefully the show will work just as well that way. I found the first season rapidly grew on me as there was lots I got to like. I hope this season gets the pacing right by slowing it down, the show looks unlikely to get cancelled any time soon so Bruno Heller will hopefully relax and stop throwing every character he can at it, lingering more on the ones we’ve already got so that their development can be fully enjoyed in detail will be key to making this season something really special.

Heroes Reborn – Not exactly a new show despite a modified title, this is really the unexpected return of ‘Heroes’, a show that set new heights with the first season only to drop far below them for the rest of the four-year run. With a shorter season run and some excellent returning characters and the wonderful Zachary Levi, this has the potential to aim for the heights it once had. Watch the trailer here.

How to Get Away with Murder – I really enjoyed the first season, the idea was excellent and nicely blended the dramatic cover-up storyline with the legal drama genre, a genre I am quite fond of but have felt the absence of for a few years. Hopefully this second season will build on the promise of the first, and somehow find a way to maintain both of those elements in good balance. I fear it may struggle to develop the murder aspects in a way that works well as they will either over-complicate or under-develop things. Shonda Rhimes is having continued success with Grey’s Anatomy, and somehow Scandal is still going though I felt the last season really let itself down, so it will be interesting to see if she can maintain this show at the same time.


Blindspot – Greg Berlanti is diversifying his portfolio with this promising show, the premise includes the FBI investigating after a naked amnesiac is found in Times Square covered in tattoos, sounds pretty intriguing to me.

I’ve watched it now, see my review of the pilot HERE.

Legends of Tomorrow – see my previous thoughts here.

Limitless – movies being turned into shows are rarely a good idea, this is one I’m firmly unsure about as I can’t quite see how the original premise adapts naturally into a series without some major diversion. This is my guess at one that will probably get cancelled. I would say watch the trailer on YouTube and then link to the most official version of it, but CBS have strangely removed it (not a good sign), though I’m sure it’s there from other sources.

I’ve watched it now, see my review of the pilot HERE.

Minority Report – I really loved the movie, and unlike ‘Limitless’ I can completely see how this could work in episodes with some ongoing arcs too. The sci-fi elements of this could be fantastic, but shows of this nature often end up falling flat with ratings even if they’re technically good, so possibly another show that won’t make it past the first season. Trailer here.

The Muppets – I love the Muppets I always have done, and seeing them back as a weekly show just feels right to me, especially after the wonderful 2011 movie showed that they can still be just as relevant and endearing as ever.

I’ve watched it now, see my review of the pilot HERE.

Scream Queens – I’m one of those people who saw the potential of Glee right from the start (slightly proud of that one) and doggedly stuck with it even when it lost most of what was originally brilliant (not so proud of that). I’m going to stick my neck out again here and guess that this could be a big success, especially when you think of it as taking the teen elements from Glee and the horror of American Horror Story to meet together in a show that might have the cult appeal of things like ‘Scream’ and ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’. I also think it treads somewhat in the footsteps of ‘Pretty Little Liars’, a show I didn’t get very far with but has lasted a lot longer and more successfully that I ever thought it would, this has the potential to be a darker and more slick show in a similar vein. It’s not the kind of thing I would usually go for, but I can see that if done right it could possibly win me over, so I’m looking forward to watching the pilot and seeing if it does.

Supergirl – see my previous thoughts here.

Coming Soon

Jessica Jones – Netflix and Marvel teaming up for ‘Daredevil’ was an inspired move that worked out perfectly, so confidence is running pretty high for the second of their announced adaptations, though the character here is considerable less well-known, that however could really work in their favour and hopefully they will deliver something fresh and compelling that doesn’t need to justify itself against any previous adaptation.


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