TV Pilot Review: Minority Report

Minority Report (2015)

Here’s an adapted show where I can see the idea working as a series, sadly though the both the grit and the polish of Steven Spielberg’s movie has not made it to TV, and I think it’s a fatal loss.

Ten years after the ‘PreCrime’ program ended (thanks to Tom Cruise), one of the PreCogs, Dash (Stark Sands), is plagued by the continuing visions of murders and reaches out to a cop (Meagan Good) to try to stop some of them before they happen.

Explaining the movie’s plot right at the beginning the pilot sets up the idea of the dissolved PreCrime unit and the pre-cognitives who were at the centre of it straight away, a good premise for a series even if the movie didn’t exist. Thankfully it also brings lots of the sci-fi elements from the movie (rendered a little less slickly) with even more of these being closer to reality now, and adding the great idea of a ‘selfie drone’ that I can 100% see being available soon (if it isn’t already). ‘Minority Report’ was hailed for its wonderful vision of the future, and so seeing that world again even if to a lesser degree is still fantastic and an appealing draw to watch the series.

The idea of a ‘precog’ wanting to use his visions to help stop crimes like he used to is actually a very good one, and unlike ‘Limitless‘ it’s a premise that translates perfectly into the procedural format. However, there was a lot more than that to the Tom Cruise movie, and that had Cruise as the lead, say what you want about the guy as a human being there’s little argument that he’s almost always a strong lead. The leads here show more life than other shows I’ve watched so far this season (I’m pointing my finger at you again ‘Limitless’) but there’s no magnetic screen presence that keeps you glued to the screen and leaves you wowed by the end.

It mainly falls short in that it keeps things a lot lighter than the film, there’s no real grittiness. I wouldn’t mind it being a few shades darker and moodier, as the original movie beautifully blended all this high-tech world with a seedier side to things that added a huge amount to the story and visuals. I am sure that this may be developed in future episodes and I’m writing this after seeing the pilot, but a pilot should give hints to the season ahead, and for me the jagged edges and darker elements of this wholly-believable vision of the future have been smoothed off, but I want them back.

This strikes me as another show that seems like a good idea, maybe it is, but in the execution will just not find the audience it needs and so get axed, the ratings have been released and reaffirm my gut feeling completely. There have been lots of sci-fi shows to try something similar in the past few years, a good example would be ‘Almost Human’ with Karl Urban in 2013, but no matter how good the story is they fall short of success. I quite enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind watching more, but I don’t think there will be more than one season as I’m reporting that a minority will agree with me. 


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