Luther: Season 2

Luther: Season 2
Creator: Neil Cross

I watched the first season of ‘Luther’ over the space of a week while on holiday a few years ago, partly prompted by my friend who I was sharing a room with going to bed far earlier than I like to. It had me gripped, even just on a small laptop screen and headphones the drama was so superbly gripping and brilliantly acted. However, it’s taken me a while to get round to watching beyond the end of the first season partly due to the dark tone and creepy villains being unsettling to watch on my own without the benefit of knowing there’s someone gently snoring on the other side of the room.

Finally (again while away visiting people) I got round to watching the series further, with a view to catching up in preparation for Luther’s unexpected return to screens later this month. In the years since it first aired Idris Elba has had some big starring roles in feature films and is now a household name but it was undoubtedly this role that helped launch his career to those levels, I was quickly reminded of all the reasons why.

A few different narrative threads are neatly picked up and left off at points through the season, including Luther’s personal life, Alice, and a couple of serial killers. I really liked the way it takes two episodes per formidable foe, spanning the story arcs over more than one episode really works to show that these kinds of criminals can’t always be dealt with in a short space of time, unlike other shows where they are often found and captured in the space of one episode.

My one disappointment with this season would be that there’s just not enough Alice, though I’m very hopeful she will appear in the 3rd season. Her strange relationship with Luther is so wonderful to watch, there’s a chemistry when they are on screen together that I wanted to see more of, though Alice does get to start the whole season off and is mentioned brilliantly at the end too. I fear that with her responsibilities across the Atlantic currently working on ‘The Affair’ she might not feature much at all in the upcoming episodes. That being said, I’ve actively avoided checking if she’s credited to appear, or even if she appears in the 3rd season. I currently have no idea what, if any, role Alice may play, I just hope she will appear and hopefully in a bigger part than in this run.

I’m about to get watching season 3 to catch up before the new episodes are released later this month, and I’m actually quite excited about seeing what happens and increasingly looking forward to the upcoming final episodes though trying to avoid the trailers or any spoilers until I’ve at least finished the 3rd season. I’ll write in more depth about the 3rd and 4th seasons than I have about this one, there’s likely to be a lot to say.

I’m really glad I’m taking the time to catch up on the show, which is now even easier to do as it’s currently available on Netflix. ‘Luther’ remains some of the best written TV and with these longer episodes and shorter runs it avoids becoming mundane or protracted, remaining condensed dramatic brilliance.


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