Luther: Season 4

Luther: Season 4 (2015)
Created by: Neil Cross

Luther’s back with a new coat that looks identical to his old coat and a new season that looks a lot like the old seasons but fits slightly differently.

Luther (Idris Elba) is on self-imposed indefinite leave and has removed himself from London but a new case and a personal mission forces him to return to the capital and back on the force, again trying to solve a serious serial crime spree with new partner (Rose Leslie), while simultaneously trying to right other wrongs by himself.

After watching the second and third seasons a few weeks ago I thought there would be surprises in where this new season went, sadly not all surprises are good. Things started out nearly the opposite of what I had been hoping for, a while after the events of season three with John Luther on his own.

These episodes also feature the creepiest villain so far, which is quite an achievement when you consider there was one who hid under beds before killing people. The crimes perpetrated this season also seemed to be considerably gorier than most before, with a lot more blood shown in the crime scenes, maybe that’s what people want but I’m not one of them

Teaming Luther up with Rose Leslie’s character Emma was an interesting development and did add a new element to the episodes, though I couldn’t help thinking it would be funny if she said ‘you know nothing John Luther’. His old colleagues also make a welcome return, especially Benny (Michael Smiley) who does get to step out from behind his computer for a few minutes only to be back behind someone else’s almost immediately!

I really would’ve liked a bit more detail on what Luther and Alice did in the interim between the seasons, clearly some time passed and it would be good to know if they had at least been happy or adventurous in that time. I completely understand the real-world implications of Ruth Wilson being busy filming on the other side of the Atlantic, but still, I always felt Luther was at its very best when there was even just a small appearance from Alice, so a few moments of their time together might have just been enough to add the fire her character always brought to the show.

I would like to see another return for Luther, there has been talk of a feature film though maybe a really short series could work again as I just don’t feel completely done with the character and his story, things still feel quite unsatisfactorily unresolved. There’s a potential twist that I personally would love to see developed, though I expect that’s far too much fanciful thinking on my part.


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