My predictions were far from Golden!

Either my prediction skills have dissipated, or this year’s awards season is more unpredictable than usual! That’s not always the worst thing, it adds extra excitement to watching the awards shows, and means that a nice variety of films get accolades rather than there being one big winner.

Where I got it wrong was mostly in the TV categories, I did say in advance that I was merely taking a shot at them with very little actually to base it on. Also I put more weight in certain films such as ‘Spotlight’ purely based on what I’d heard, rather than what I’ve yet seen.

What I was glad to see I got right was ‘The Martian’ doing particularly well, with wins for ‘Best Motion Picture – Comedy’ and for Matt Damon in the central role. As well as the glaringly obvious but superbly deserved win for ‘Inside Out’ which I foresee being repeated at most if not all upcoming ceremonies.

Remember though that the Golden Globes aren’t always the most accurate foreshadow of what’s to come in the BAFTAs or Academy Awards. My reviews of many of these films are coming over the next few weeks, and there are many more I’m planning to watch very soon too so I can decide for myself what’s deserving of an award. I’ll keep honing my skills and seeing what films and performances may emerge as frontrunners as the season progresses, hopefully getting back on game by February 28th!

Rather than make this a boring long list again, you can, if you wish, compare the winners list here with my woefully inaccurate predictions here!



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