Ryan Reynolds thinks I’m wrong…

After I wrote a post predicting that ‘Deadpool’ will be classified the highest cinema rating of 18 here in the U.K. and a week after China banned the film, Ryan Reynolds has appeared on a popular U.K. chat show saying that he ‘think[s] it’s a 15 here’!

As far as I can tell from the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) website, it’s not had the official rating released yet, and I may indeed be wrong. If so I’d be interested in finding out if there have been cuts to get that rating. Saying that, after seeing ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ recently, I know that it’s possible to get a lot into a 15 if there’s a certain style and tone set for rough scenes.

Is Deadpool himself right, or am I? I guess we’ll find out next week before ‘Deadpool’ is released in U.K. cinemas on the 10th of February. This could be a key moment in seeing a) If the film will be a huge box office hit on these shores, and b) It’ll be a sign of things to come in the superhero genre, prompting characters less suited to the PG13 / 12A demographic being developed for movie adaptations!

Maybe it is the go to movie for Valentine’s!


UPDATE: Turns out Ryan Reynolds was right, it has been rated 15 in the U.K. I’m more than a little surprised, and I do wonder if the edit submitted here was the same as elsewhere. Details of alternate (and censored) edits will likely emerge in the future as they often do. 


2 thoughts on “Ryan Reynolds thinks I’m wrong…

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