You’re Googling my blog to find out about ‘Deadpool’? Let me make it simple…

Of all the things I’ve written in the past few months, by FAR the most popular has been my thoughts on the classification of ‘Deadpool’. Yes, I predicted the certification incorrectly, silly me, however I did say that if it turned out to be a 15 instead of an 18 it would take more at the box-office and be a decent success.

Now released, ‘Deadpool’ took $3.4 million (£2.3 million) in the United Kingdom in the first day of release, the fifth-highest opening day for a Marvel film! This is part of the $14 mil it got overseas before the U.S. release. I expect the full weekend total will be impressive when it’s released early next week.

Funnily, this is what people have Googled this week and ended up on my blog to find out, so I’m writing about it so they can find the answer easily. So to answer those queries my stats page is giving me 1) It’s making a chimichanga truck-load of money! 2) You can see it if you’re under 18, in the U.S. you will need a parent / guardian of age to go with you, and in the U.K. you can see it on your own if you are 15 or over, not under even with parental accompaniment. I would not recommend parents take their younger children to see it however, the helpful website ‘Kids in Mind’ has full details of what the movie contains and they are not for the easily offended, it has a bit of everything and a LOT of some things! This is a comic book movie for adults, not for kids!

It’s going to do very well indeed, the reviews are mostly positive, the IMDb rating was initially 9.0 (which is standard for the instant fervour) and has dropped to a more realistic 8.8 (at time of writing). I expect it’ll settle in the low 8’s within a month or two which puts it right up there with the very best and most popular Marvel adaptations and the sequel is already confirmed. This has the potential to spark a dramatic change in the comic book and superhero movie genre, with studios now reassured that movies like this can work and make good profits, they are far more likely to greenlight ‘R’ rated material that previously they thought too risky!



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