We Can’t Live Without Cosmos (Oscar Nominee 2016)

We Can’t Live Without Cosmos / Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa (2014)
Dir: Konstantin Bronzit

I found this animated short film from Russia really touching, in a way that the first few minutes with all its humour didn’t prepare me for.

Two lifelong friends train to be cosmonauts together but only one is sent into space, leaving the other missing his best friend as they are separated.

Yet another example of the trend this year to make animated films that have no dialogue, conveying the story perfectly through the visuals and sounds. With the animation style as well that’s quite simple and charming, it all works together to male this a really wonderful, surprisingly touching animated short.

From the start it’s very humorous, with a lovely lightness and focus on friendship in the first half that make it instantly enjoyable. The second half turns more tragic and touching, still with snippets of humour. All this happens in the space of just 16 minutes but the film feels well paced and balanced.

As I’ve said before with other shorts, if you have access to this as it’s available to watch online in some regions (just Google it), taking just quarter of an hour to watch it while you drink a coffee is going to be worth your time. It’s such a shame the Oscar nominated shorts aren’t more widely and easily available each year, they are so often worth seeing and this wonderful film is proof of that.

‘We Can’t Live Without Cosmos’ is nominated for the ‘Best Animated Short’ Oscar at the upcoming Academy Awards. Having already won a large number of similar awards at festivals, I would say it has a good chance of winning though it faces strong competition from the mighty Pixar



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