Which Oscar nominee do you look like?

There’s a website that uses facial recognition to find an Academy Award nominee that looks most like you. CelebsLike.me is aiming to be better than most and topical this week!

Usually these things are MILES off being even close to correct, as often seen in similar things shared on Facebook. However, I tried it and must say I approve of the results! My first try got this:


I can’t argue with that! Plus I have been known to display a similar exuberance as Benigni when he won his Oscar! If you haven’t seen it, find it on YouTube, it’s the best Oscar winner’s acceptance speech of all time! The second attempt came up with this:


Again, I can’t argue with how the software came up with that match, we are both exhibiting pronounced foreheads and typical Englishman charm! My third and last attempt yielded this result:


Wow, I see the resemblance now (especially when I’m in need of a haircut)… I am Mark Zuckerberg and Lex Luthor!

Anyhoo… Go give it a try at celebslike.me and see who you look like!


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