Now’s the time to rewatch ‘The West Wing’

I’m a big fan of Aaron Sorkin. When I was younger ‘The West Wing’ was one of very few shows that would get the whole family to watch TV together.

Now many years on, I’ve not really gone back to watching the DVD box sets I have on my shelf, though I know that my elder brother and sister have, even multiple times. I have watched the first season again a few years ago and I watched the pilot last year when unable to decide what else to watch so opted for a guaranteed pleaser.

Actor Joshua Malina (currently starring in ‘Scandal’) is now contributing to a weekly podcast that aims to work through every single episode, discussing each one in turn, adding his insights as well as those of other guests.

So far only the first episode has been released at but it’s a really good reason to get those box sets off the shelf, or even easier watch them on Netflix, either as a re-watch or for your first time. Especially as there’s an American Presidential election taking place this year, ‘The West Wing’ can serve as an invaluable tool for understanding how the complex U.S. political system works for those of us, like myself, who don’t live in the states and so have no formal or societal education in those matters. Most of what I know and understand about America in general comes from films & TV and ‘The West Wing’ has always been a large part of that for me.

I intend on following this podcast every week, re-watching the episodes before listening to the discussion that seems like it’ll add a lot to my appreciation of the series.

So, who’s with me?



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