‘Kong’ and the difference a trailer can make!

In my opinion the first trailer for ‘Kong: Skull Island’ initially shown at Comic Con was superb. I knew the film was in production but hadn’t cared until seeing that 2mins of brilliance, surprising me with the tone and scale. Instantly it had me really interested, putting that film on my list to absolutely see.

Last week a longer trailer was released, however rather than add to my interest, it severely diminished it and completely changed my expectations.

The first trailer excellently showed the epic scale and seemed to be striking a serious and dramatic tone that would root the action nicely in a way that appealed to me. However the humour shown in the second trailer (especially in reference to what we see of John C. Reilly’s character) severely undermines the tone I was initially expecting, even causing a few corresponding shots to remind me of ‘Tropic Thunder’ which never even crossed my mind watching the first. Though I can appreciate a bit of well-judged comedy even in the most dramatic film, I have my concerns from what I see included in the trailer that the tone struck here just won’t work, with the distinct risk of weakening the entire film by giving it an uneven and mismatched tone throughout. Even just the first minute of the second trailer looks so much better than the 80 seconds that follow as soon as Reilly’s character is introduced.

It’s amazing the difference just one trailer can make. In the past I’ve been thrilled when trailers have had the effect of making me interested in a film I thought would be terrible, with the outcome often sadly that my first thoughts were correct. In this instance I’m hoping for the reverse to be true, I desperately want the first trailer to be a closer indicator of the final film.

Maybe I’m just being picky, or possibly I was expecting something that was never being offered. Compare the two trailers for yourself and see what I mean.



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