‘Monster Trucks’ Trailer: So bad it’s just bad!

I was at the cinema the other day when this trailer ran before a screening of ‘Rogue One’…

I watched it, turned to my friend whose face was a similar picture of incredulity and we instantly agreed it looks TERRIBLE! An unwieldy mix of car-based action and comedic creature-feature, the trailer was laughable especially on the big screen, even more so being before ‘Rogue One’ which strikes an entirely different tone (review coming soon).

From the director of ‘Ice Age’ Chris Wedge, it is clearly aiming for a young demographic but I can’t understand why it’s live-action when it’s an idea that would clearly work well, fit the director better and appeal to the target audience more effectively if it were entirely animated. In fact it was developed in the animation division of Paramount so that was an early possibility. As an animated kids film it could have appealed to young boys who love big trucks. As it stands now, it seems unlikely to find much of an audience at all.

As usual, I may be wrong, this could be so bad it’s good, possibly even the best film of the year. However, as release has been pushed back several times and the studio have predicted poor box office performance already, this looks like it might be the flop of the 2017 just 2 weeks into the year!


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