Inner Workings (Short)

Inner Workings (2016, Animated Short)
Dir: Leo Matsuda

Just fantastic, another brilliant dialogue-free animated short that features superb visuals and lovely use of music to tell a clever story that literally tugs on the heartstrings.

A man stuck in a dead-end office job has an inner fight between his mind and his heart, with his internal organs battling over what course his day and ultimately his life should take.

Continuing the Pixar-started habit of putting an animated short before a feature, this sees Leo Matsuda who has previously worked on the likes of ‘Big Hero 6’ and ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ taking the director’s chair to prove he has what that role takes. He absolutely does, taking inspiration from the overlays of internal organs from an encyclopaedia to create an innovative look that serves to tell the story in a brilliant way.

I loved it, I hadn’t realised there would be a short before ‘Moana‘ so seeing this pop up was a real pleasant surprise and very enjoyable. I chuckled away pretty much throughout, it’s so full of humour and pathos, there’s even a slight spattering of appropriate toilet humour that works really well.

Back to the pathos however, that’s what makes this an extra bit special. It looks great, really is very funny but above all it conveys the message that sometimes you have to enjoy life, with clever use of mildly morbid humour and imagery, the lead character Paul, goes on such a journey, mostly over the space of one day he turns his whole outlook and life around. While kids will love the fun internal organs doing their thing, adults will get the full sense of the sentiment.

I loved it, it’s brilliant to see what the next generation of filmmakers are cutting their teeth on, and when seeing the best shorts is so rare outside the festival circuit, it’s brilliant that this is now the habit at Disney and Pixar.

‘Inner Workings’ is now screening before ‘Moana’ in cinemas and will most likely be included on the upcoming home video releases and is well worth a watch. It wasn’t nominated for the Academy Award though it would’ve been a worthy contender and I think it just missed out. 



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