Mid-Week Musings: Why this DCEU Sceptic will still queue for the next round of disappointments!

Recently, one of my close comic-loving friends said he was now done with going to see DC movies at the cinema, now he will just wait for them to be released to watch at home. This comes after our joint ventures to see ‘Man of Steel‘ and even a midnight screening of ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ which we entered with confidence and ultimately left deflated.

A few years ago I was let down by ‘Man of Steel‘, considerably so, it had all the potential but eschewed the familiar tone and character so completely that it jarred with me. Yet on release I still went to a midnight screening of ‘BVS: DoJ‘ (with the aforementioned friend) only to be disappointed again, even if I tried very hard to focus of the few positives I could glean from that film. I’ve not been impressed by a recent era DC movie that wasn’t directed by Christopher Nolan, save ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ which I had some issues with but it still managed to better convey the sense of fun that the gloomy live action DC movies recently have completely eschewed.

So why then am planning on going to see ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Justice League’ when I expect that I’ll leave the cinema disappointed?

I’m a completist, I know I’ll watch those films eventually, even if I find myself unable to see things like that at the cinema my local Arts Centre often shows them a fair few weeks later, or I’d get the Blu-ray to watch at home. So, if I were to bump into Patty Jenkins or Zack Snyder in the street and say, ‘Hey, your movie was a let down’ they might rightly ask me, ‘did you give it a full chance?’. Rightly, it’s fair to assume that musicians don’t compose songs to be listened to on little speakers in the backs of mobile phones, artists don’t paint huge canvases to be seen on Google image searches and filmmakers don’t direct films to be watched on small screens and with little speakers. True, I’d watch in excellent quality thanks to Blu-ray on a large projector screen with a quality surround sound set up, but still, the primary viewing experience should always be the cinema, so I should give the films a fair chance to impress me in the way they were intended to be seen.

That being said, I’m not going to travel hours to the nearest midnight screenings anymore, DC have knocked that optimism and loyalty from me. Nor am I likely to go opening weekend (unless reviews overwhelmingly impress me), but in the first week or so of their release I’ll give Jenkins and Snyder a fair chance to win me back to loving DCEU movies as I used to and I truly hope they will.

If not, maybe there are unexpected glimmers of hope in the distance… Next week I’ll muse on some of these!

3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Musings: Why this DCEU Sceptic will still queue for the next round of disappointments!

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