Moustache: Impossible

Bemusingly, there was a lot of fuss in the geeky news community a few weeks ago about how Henry Cavill’s ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ moustache was causing major problems for his ‘Justice League’ reshoot commitments. Essentially it seems like he was unable to shave it off, and it put Warner in the position of having to remove it in post-production at extra expense.

Oh, if only they could have waited a few weeks!

Tom Cruise’s recent injury on set has halted production on ‘M:I 6’ by an estimated minimum of six weeks, which would have unexpectedly created a tidy gap in which Henry Cavill could have been brought back for reshoots, possibly even with time to have an actual shave rather than rely on the CGI upper lip that’s being digitally added. I know scheduling issues are not quite as simplistic as all that and that the reshoots were a few weeks earlier, but still, it does seem to be a bit of a funny way that things have turned out.

This whole funny issue also shows a little of the inter-studio rivalry, as there’s no question that the better, cheaper and simpler solution to the problem would’ve been for him to shave for Superman, then be given a fake moustache made to look exactly like the one he was previously sporting on return to the ‘M:I 6’ set. That would incur far lower costs that Warner Bros would no doubt have happily covered, probably even sorting the hair work themselves if needed.

I challenge anyone now to be able to watch ‘Justice League’ when it’s released in November and not spend the whole time watching Superman’s top lip trying to work out if it’s a reshot scene. I know I will!


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