EE British Academy Film Awards – Printable BAFTA Ballot 2019/2020

Download our 2020 BAFTA Ballot PDF here! Or as images by clicking on the thumbnails!

With the Golden Globes long gone and the Oscar’s coming unusually soon, this week we have one of my favourite awards, the EE British Academy Film Awards, otherwise known as the BAFTAs, on Sunday February 2nd, presented this year by Graham Norton. Join in with your friends and family using our 2020 BAFTAs Ballot you can print out and fill in!

I’ve only seen a handful of these nominees so far, and so my predictions will be based more on what I’ve heard than on the very little I’ve seen (which may increase a bit in the next few days). Have a go yourself and please comment below what your predictions are.

I will be using my normal scoring system, 1. to indicate my first choice of what I think will win, 2. to show what I think could beat my first choice, and usually, I put a P. for my personal choice of what I think should win. This can later be scored as 2pts for a correct first choice win and 1pt for a correct 2nd choice, no points are given for personal preferences winning as that’s more out of interest and self-expression but really you can use whatever scoring system you like!

Again the PDF download is here for the 2020 BAFTAs Ballot and I’ll do a post in a few days with my predictions of who’s going to win!


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