Here’s the Pixar News from the Disney Investor’s Day!

Highlights from Pixar’s part of the Disney showcase are:

  • Soul coming in December 25th this year.
  • More Spark Shorts, Burrow will be out at the same time as Soul, not surprising as they often pop a short before a feature.
  • Mini Pixar shorts with characters from the movies known as ‘Pixar Popcorn’.
  • Dug Days a series spin-off from Up, coming Fall 2021, looks like a bit of family fun.
  • Long-form series ‘Win or Lose‘ that sounds really interesting, offering different perspectives on the same story.
  • Luca, a feature film from the director of Luna, based in Italy, coming in 2021 and heading for theatres apparently. 
  • For 2022 the feature will be Turning Red from the director of Bao, a coming of age story with a furry twist about a girl who turns into a red panda.
  • Lightyear will be ostensibly the origin story of the film that led to the creation of Buzz Lightyear the toy, voiced by Chris Evans. 

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