Golden Globe Nominee: Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek (2015 – 2020)
Created by: Dan Levy & Eugene Levy

Where is Schitt’s Creek?
The fictional small town is seemingly in Canada. In the show, the Rose family bought it as a joke, but when they lose their wealth due to some dodgy accounting, it’s the one asset they’re left unable to liquidate, so as it’s almost all they’ve got they move there, afforded a family room at the town’s motel at the kindness of the townsfolk.

What is this town like?
It’s small, the sort of friendly place where everyone knows everyone else, with one little store, one cafe, one garage, one school. Not the kind of place you’d expect to find people accustomed to a millionaire lifestyle, so the Roses are like fish out of water, enthusiastically welcomed while they’re initially desperate to leave.

When are they going to leave the motel?
No time soon, though they are at first almost offensively determined to improve their circumstances. The show’s charm comes from following their efforts, as the charm of the friendly locals slowly chips away at their privileged hardened exteriors until you notice they’re not really trying very hard to leave anymore. 

Who should I keep my eye on?
It’s a show full of increasingly likeable characters, all of whom have good developmental arcs. Hardly anyone is relegated to minor supporting cast, they’re in such a close-knit community that the key ensemble grows to include more than the Roses, with waitresses (played by Eugene Levy’s daughter Sarah), motel clerks, and teachers becoming increasingly entwined with the escapades of the central family. The main cast is universally great, getting some awards nominations and wins this past year and a bunch more nominations, but I think the supporting cast really deserves more attention as it’s their way of surrounding these odd newcomers that is key to making this show so delightful.

Why hadn’t I heard of this until about a year ago?
Neither had I until it was added en-masse to Netflix and won a load of Emmys. This hadn’t been on my watchlist at all until then. It’s not uncommon for sitcoms to develop quietly before coming to the fore in their final seasons as their popularity has grown and once Netflix picked it up for international distribution, helped by global lockdowns driving people to streaming services in search of something uplifting, this quickly became one of the most streamed shows.

The show concluded with a sixth season last year, all streaming on Netflix, and nominated for 5 Golden Globes, their first, including ‘Best Comedy Series’ and a Rose in each of the four applicable acting categories. It’s going to win something, maybe a clean sweep as it’s their final season and some other contenders can wait. 


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