Welcome to NeverKissedAGirl.com! It’s my little spot for posting reviews of Films & TV shows, as I like sharing my thoughts but don’t always have someone within earshot who’s interested in hearing them! My aim is to keep you up to date on what’s interesting, what I’ve been watching and what to watch out for in the future!

My aim is simply to post about what I’ve found interesting, the best of what I’ve been watching and sometimes what I think could be worth watching out for in the future!

I’m a Film & TV studies graduate, so I sometimes know a thing or two about the subject, hence my reviews sometimes get slightly deep and mention things like editing, for which I have a passion.

Also, in case you’re wondering about the name, it was a ‘Scorpion’ inspired reference that reflects the geeky nobody-else-really-cares nature of the site. I have actually kissed a girl, honestly!*

*It doesn’t have to be factual. Do you really think Richard Branson is still a virgin?


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