What I’ve Learnt This Week…

… ‘Off-ui’ is the opposite of ‘ennui’…

Kudos points to anyone who guesses the film/TV show… and for those confuzzled by a little French…

  1. a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.
    2. the opposite of off-ui apparently.



Is ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ perfectly timed for the American Election?

Thanks to someone on a comments board who said:

‘It’s about an insane billionaire who hates illegal aliens’

Which of the film’s billionaires is first coming to your mind? There are two! Certainly one is more ‘insane’ than the other, yet both seem from the trailers to take issue with Kal-El.

It’s a fascinating thought, one that ties in very well with my dissertation from 7 years ago in which I proved that live action adaptations of Superman have appeared and changed at times and in ways that highlight global concerns and situations in the U.S.A.

The idea that the plot of ‘BvS’ mirrors key campaign policies of the current presidential race is a thought that I’m sure I won’t be able to shake from my mind when I get to see the film on Friday morning at 00.01am. Will it spoil or add to my appreciation of the film?

Hopefully I’ll enjoy this instalment far more than ‘Man of Steel‘ which I had serious issues with, early indications are that I may find more to like and less to be annoyed with this time round. I really hope so!

First ‘The Revenant’ now slightly irreverent!

Did you know there’s now an online browser game in which you can help Leonardo DiCaprio finally catch the elusive Oscar?

It’s true! Play here: redcarpetrampage.com (Be warned it’s running a bit slowly at times because lots of people seem to want a go).


Sorry Leo it’s just a bit of fun, you’ll get a real one in just over a week!

Ryan Reynolds thinks I’m wrong…

After I wrote a post predicting that ‘Deadpool’ will be classified the highest cinema rating of 18 here in the U.K. and a week after China banned the film, Ryan Reynolds has appeared on a popular U.K. chat show saying that he ‘think[s] it’s a 15 here’!

As far as I can tell from the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) website, it’s not had the official rating released yet, and I may indeed be wrong. If so I’d be interested in finding out if there have been cuts to get that rating. Saying that, after seeing ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ recently, I know that it’s possible to get a lot into a 15 if there’s a certain style and tone set for rough scenes.

Is Deadpool himself right, or am I? I guess we’ll find out next week before ‘Deadpool’ is released in U.K. cinemas on the 10th of February. This could be a key moment in seeing a) If the film will be a huge box office hit on these shores, and b) It’ll be a sign of things to come in the superhero genre, prompting characters less suited to the PG13 / 12A demographic being developed for movie adaptations!

Maybe it is the go to movie for Valentine’s!


UPDATE: Turns out Ryan Reynolds was right, it has been rated 15 in the U.K. I’m more than a little surprised, and I do wonder if the edit submitted here was the same as elsewhere. Details of alternate (and censored) edits will likely emerge in the future as they often do. 

Shia LaBeouf is torturing himself and you can watch!

Right now in New York, unhinged actor Shia LaBeouf is watching all of his films in reverse order back-to-back! He’s past the worst of them, ‘Transformers 3’, and may actually enjoy such decent films as ‘Disturbia’.

You can watch a live stream of him (literally him in a cinema seat) doing this crazy feat right here but please don’t try this at home!

In the 30 minutes I’ve watched so far he’s not smiled once, I’m tempted to say the look etched on his face is one of shame and dawning realisation as this three-day self-flagellation continues. I’m fascinated by the coat and hoodie, I wonder if there’s significance in whether or not his hood is up?…


What I’ve Learnt This Week…

Though I’d seen the first and third many times, I’d never seen ‘Back to the Future II’, or certainly not from start to end!

I put this down to the fact that my parents like the other two but not the middle one and so when I was younger we’d watch them most the times they were aired on the TV, but somehow I missed out on seeing the futuristic instalment!

Thanks to a friend who convinced me that I should scrap all other plans and watch all three in a row on ‘Back to the Future Day’ yesterday, I can now say I’ve seen and enjoyed them all!

My parents had it right though, the first and third are definitely the best!