‘Mad About You’ is really returning… Soon!

I have a special place in my heart for classic 90’s sitcom ‘Mad About You’, which made its way to UK screens a lot later than sister-show ‘Friends’ and never got the same appreciation it deserved, except in my house. My whole family enjoy it, a rarity, and I imported the limited amount of episodes available from the US.

There were rumours of the show returning a while ago, and today I saw that not only has that come to fruition, but there’s a trailer, and the limited series is coming in just one week’s time!

If it has even half the charm and humour of the original series I’ll take this as a very welcome bit of sitcom to enjoy over the cold winter months, and hopefully it’ll help get the original series onto a streaming platform I can enjoy, because the low-res YouTube rips don’t always do it justice. Though I have to say, I’ve watched Season 3 episode ‘Giblets for Murray’ on there often and laugh every time.