Golden Globe Nominations 2018

Awards season kicks into full swing this week with the announcement of the nominees for the Golden Globes. As ever it’s an interesting mix due to their division of Drama and Comedy/Musical as well as the TV categories.
I’ve seen hardly any of these so I have very little to comment on them so far though there are a lot that I’m hearing interesting things about and so I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to see. I’ll knock up a ballot sheet over the next few days and share it HERE for you to have a go at picking your winners.
Here are the nominees in full:
Best Motion Picture – Drama
“Call Me by Your Name”
“Dunkirk” – I saw this a few months ago and am waiting to watch on home release next week before finishing my review.
“The Post”
“The Shape of Water”
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
“The Disaster Artist”
“Get Out” – This may be the one to watch over the award season, I think it’ll get a fair few nominations. 
“The Greatest Showman” – The one full-on musical, usually would stand out but it has tough competition from the others. 
“I, Tonya”
“Lady Bird”
Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama
Jessica Chastain, “Molly’s Game”
Sally Hawkins, “The Shape of Water” – If anyone can beat Meryl, I’m guessing Sally Hawkins is the lady to do it based on the trailers and things I’ve heard, the role has some elements that get the attention of award voters.
Frances McDormand, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Meryl Streep, “The Post” – You almost never bet against Meryl, though Sally Hawkins has an interesting role. 
Michelle Williams, “All the Money in the World”
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama
Timothée Chalamet, “Call Me by Your Name”
Daniel Day-Lewis, “Phantom Thread” – Normally the frontrunner and with this reportedly being his final film I wouldn’t be surprised, but there’s so much buzz around Gary Oldman’s performance that we might see the unexpected. 
Tom Hanks, “The Post”
Gary Oldman, “Darkest Hour” – He looks unrecognisable, playing a famous British historical figure, wartime setting, all the keys to success are there. 
Denzel Washington, “Roman J. Israel, Esq.”
Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Judi Dench, “Victoria & Abdul”
Margot Robbie, “I, Tonya”
Saoirse Ronan, “Lady Bird”
Emma Stone, “Battle of the Sexes”
Helen Mirren, “The Leisure Seeker”
Best Director
Guillermo del Toro, “The Shape of Water”
Martin McDonagh, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Christopher Nolan, “Dunkirk”
Ridley Scott, “All The Money in the World”
Steven Spielberg, “The Post”
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Steve Carell, “Battle of the Sexes”
Ansel Elgort, “Baby Driver” – Elgort takes this role on perfectly and makes it work beautifully but I don’t think it’s an award winner. 
James Franco, “The Disaster Artist”
Hugh Jackman, “The Greatest Showman”
Daniel Kaluuya, “Get Out” – He’s excellent but I don’t think the role will win when against these others. 
Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture
Mary J. Blige, “Mudbound”
Hong Chau, “Downsizing”
Allison Janney, “I, Tonya”
Laurie Metcalf, “Lady Bird”
Octavia Spencer, “The Shape of Water”
Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
Willem Dafoe, “The Florida Project”
Armie Hammer, “Call Me by Your Name”
Richard Jenkins, “The Shape of Water” – I have heard a lot of praise for Jenkins’ performance, he’s always good.
Christopher Plummer, “All the Money in the World” – Fascinating, this has been screened for voters to get it included despite just wrapping on the reshoots, so may not win but is a news story in itself.
Sam Rockwell, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Best Original Score in a Motion Picture
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
“The Shape of Water”
“Phantom Thread”
“The Post”
Best Screenplay in a Motion Picture
“The Shape of Water”
“Lady Bird”
“The Post”
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
“Molly’s Game” – Sorkin, I expected he would get nominated here and will at the Oscars too I predict, though not win.
Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language
“A Fantastic Woman”
“First They Killed My Father”
“In the Fade”
“The Square”
Best Animated Film
“The Boss Baby” – Pffft, I saw this, it’s really mediocre, only included for the unintended satirical aspect of Alec Baldwin’s connection to depicting Donald Trump. 
“The Breadwinner”
“Coco” – Clearly the winner. 
“Loving Vincent” – Visually this stands out from the rest and the craftsmanship will appeal to voters but it’s against a Pixar film. 
Best TV series – Drama
“The Crown”
“Game of Thrones”
“The Handmaid’s Tale”
“Stranger Things” – Loved the first season, saving the second for binging on a cold day over the holidays.
“This Is Us”
Best Performance by Actress in a TV series – Drama
Caitriona Balfe, “Outlander”
Claire Foy, “The Crown”
Maggie Gyllenhaal, “The Deuce”
Katherine Langford, “13 Reasons Why”
Elisabeth Moss, “The Handmaid’s Tale”
Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series – Drama
Sterling K. Brown, “This is Us”
Freddie Highmore, “The Good Doctor” – I’ve seen the first two episodes and enjoyed them.
Bob Odenkirk, “Better Call Saul”
Liev Schreiber, “Ray Donovan”
Jason Bateman, “Ozark”
Best TV series – Musical or Comedy
“Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” – As a fan of ‘Gilmore Girls,’ I’ve watched and enjoyed the first couple of episodes, it’s hugely different but the strong female lead and humour shine through.
“Master of None”
“Will & Grace” – Remember, the HFPA love this, the leads are presenting this year, it has a better chance than a very recently revived show usually would.  
Best Performance by an Actor in a TV series – Musical or Comedy
Anthony Anderson, “Black-ish”
Aziz Ansari “Master of None”
Kevin Bacon, “I Love Dick”
William H. Macy, “Shameless”
Eric McCormack, “Will and Grace”
Best Performance by an Actress in a TV series – Musical or Comedy
Pamela Adlon, “Better Things”
Alison Brie, “Glow”
Issa Rae, “Insecure”
Rachel Brosnahan, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
Frankie Shaw, “SMILF”
Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
“Big Little Lies”
“Feud: Bette and Joan”
“The Sinner”
“Top of the Lake: China Girl”
Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Robert De Niro, “The Wizard of Lies”
Jude Law, “The Young Pope”
Kyle MacLachlan, “Twin Peaks”
Ewan McGregor, “Fargo”
Geoffrey Rush, “Genius” – He has no chance, there are allegations against him at the moment, causing him to step down from things, there’s no chance voters can give him a win. 
Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Jessica Biel, “The Sinner”
Nicole Kidman, “Big Little Lies”
Jessica Lange, “Feud: Bette and Joan”
Susan Sarandon, “Feud: Bette and Joan”
Reese Witherspoon, “Big Little Lies”
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Alfred Molina, “Feud”
Alexander Skarsgard, “Big Little Lies”
David Thewlis, “Fargo”
David Harbour, “Stranger Things”
Christian Slater, “Mr. Robot”
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Laura Dern, “Big Little Lies”
Ann Dowd, “The Handmaid’s Tale”
Chrissy Metz, “This is Us”
Michelle Pfeiffer, “The Wizard of Lies”
Shailene Woodley, “Big Little Lies”

Mid-Week Musings: I completely forgot I have Kevin Spacey’s autograph on my wall!

I bought this poster a decade ago and considered it an investment at the time. It’s been hanging above my desk for years, to the point that I half forget it’s there and completely forgot that the squiggle on the fuselage of the plane is actually Kevin Spacey’s autograph.

I just looked up from my computer screen for a minute this week and remembered Spacey was Lex Luthor in ‘Superman Returns’ and that it’s his signature, which felt more than a little odd in the light of recent events. I still like the poster generally and I even like the film far more than most people, so it’s most likely going to stay where it’s at, especially as I hardly notice the squiggle there unless I look up, it’s one small mark in an otherwise nice piece of decor.

Much has already been written about what should be an appropriate audience response to the mass of recent accusations and admissions surrounding figures in the film & television world. I’m not in a rush to throw away all my films and shows those now fallen from esteem have been involved in, the list seems to grow daily. I feel prominence plays a big part in how strong the response should be. So, if my poster were of Lex Luthor rather than Superman it’d be a completely different matter.

Another example on the same issue this week was that I pre-ordered the ‘Baby Driver‘ steelbook when I saw the film in the cinema months ago, and was pleased to receive it a few days ago with beautiful artwork that doesn’t feature Spacey on the front at all, so it has taken its intended place on my shelf with other good-looking steelbooks. However again, if the artwork had focused on Spacey’s character I would feel very differently about it being on display and it would’ve been slid in between other films with just the spine showing.

I don’t think this matter is over, sadly I fear it never really will be, there will always be people acting inappropriately and these reports will emerge, though hopefully the frequency of these will subside soon as things are dealt with. Until then, from time to time I’ll re-evaluate my film collection and gauge my own feelings about watching or possessing certain items, also pondering on how sometimes off-screen events completely change how we perceive what we watch. Once they’ve been revealed to be a villain in real life, we imbue their character with extra revulsion, diminishing likeability of their positive roles and making even comic ‘baddies’ a whole lot worse.

Disney considering buying Fox Assets… #MarvelReunited

Apparently, Disney is considering buying large parts of the Fox organization, specifically their film and TV divisions, this is HUGE news in the entertainment world, especially for comics fans like me.

I am usually wary of Disney buying up influential properties, as they did with Marvel, LucasFilm and the Muppets. I’m still wary, though the possibility of Disney reuniting huge chunks of the Marvel characters is hugely exciting.

There are two sides to the argument.

Firstly, it would mean that the Fantastic Four, X-Men and others could join forces with the Avengers as and when needed, especially pleasing when adapting beloved comic story arcs that featured these characters interacting. If you want proof that this could be a good thing, buy ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ when it’s released later this month, it’s a really enjoyable return for a character that struggled elsewhere and has flourished when brought closer to the fold. The prospect of a similar revival for many Marvel characters such as the ‘Fantastic Four’ or even the somewhat fumbling ‘X-Men’ is massively tantalising.

However the other point raised is that Disney hasn’t yet gone for any R-rated adaptations, so films like ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Logan’ wouldn’t likely have been made under their ownership. I would respond to that objection with a finger pointed at Netflix, showing that Disney has been developing the more mature content when they see the need, getting the desired results and therefore increasing the likelihood that films might follow in a similar vein.

It seems that, for now, the talks have stalled, so I don’t expect a huge announcement anytime soon. Though, it suggests Fox may be open to negotiation and offers if Disney were to make moves to re-acquire certain aspects of the company. So, though buying all their film and television production divisions may be unlikely, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they have targeted their buying power on 20th Century Fox and the Marvel properties they currently hold the rights to.

UPDATE: Apparently talks have resumed and are progressing. There’s a good chance of an announcement soon, I look forward not just to the initial announcement but more the subsequent films that it puts into production.